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Simply Platinum Takes On Nashville,TN!

Hey y'all! Simply Platinum here,

So we all know that Nashville,TN means cowboy boots and hats right? I mean, Nashville is the place where country music was born. Simply Platinum Boutique LOVED taking on the Nashville streets and even better, showing off all of our boutique clothes! We were able to stay in a "Loft" off one of the downtown Nashville streets, which was incredible. This meant we were right in all of the downtown action!I want to show you how truly amazing it was to be able to show off our cute southern finds to states all around! Since we are an online boutique, it is so nice to be able to show off our items in person! 


Why did we go to Nashville?

You may be thinking, why did we go to Nashville, if we are in Georgia? Well, as the owner of Simply Platinum, I can say we went to Nashville to hit up all of the boutiques and get create ideas while celebrating my birthday! If you missed our recent posts, then don't miss out on the next "coupons/deals" that we will have soon! We hosted a 20% off coupon special to my birthday weekend, but has now ended! 


Did we find any items to put in the boutique? 

Yes, we saw several new "Fall" styles that will be released by the end of the month! 


Thank you to all of you who have ordered from Simply Platinum Boutique so far, and also a big thanks for being so patient while we finish the final touches to the website and bringing in new arrivals! Stay tuned for daily posts and much much more! New arrivals are soon to come!


Happy Shopping,